of guardrails, safety barriers, noise barriers, metal structures and their parts and various forms of signalization

Business security

FRACASSO RI is an engineering company specialized in the manufacture, supply and installation of safety barriers, acoustic barriers, metal constructions and their parts and various types of traffic signs. The company offers to its business clients a constant support during all phases of construction process including planning, procurement and installation performed by “turnkey” principle. The manufacture of barriers is carried out in accordance with the European regulation EN 1317.

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Our team of experts is able to provide appropriate solutions for each client’s specific needs. This includes tailor-made and innovative solutions that are provided in short terms and compliance with project deadlines. Our team is able to provide appropriate solutions to the various problems on -the -spot.

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What do we offer?

Dynamism, reliability, quality and flexible organization, support of engineers during the planning process, co-ordination and construction sites management are the FRACASSO RI key to maintaining good relationships with clients.