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2. Fracasso – Ri d.o.o project financed by EU!

Company Fracasso – Ri d.o.o. contracted the award of non-refundable grant by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts for the project: Procurement of production line to initiate the manufacture of noise protection walls for roads, motorways and railways (Pro-buk).

The total amount of the project was HRK 4,416,687.50, the amount of HRK 3,533,350.00 refers to generally eligible costs, part of which is from the company’s private funds (HRK 2,279,405.93), and part is co-financed from the EU fund in the form of grants and amounts to HRK 1,253,944.07. The project is implemented from September 2017 to September 2018.

Fracasso – Ri d.o.o. decided to implement the project in order to solve the following issues: by purchasing a production line for the manufacture of noise protection walls for roads, motorways and railways, the company will increase the profitability of its business by selling the products, it will increase the quality of delivered goods due to better control of the production processes, it will enable the initiation of the only production plant in the Republic of Croatia for the listed products and finally, increase their revenues by at least 25%.

All of the above will increase the company’s competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets, which will result in the raise of the volume of contracted business deals, strengthening the existing position in the current market and the acquisition of new markets (railways).

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For more information about the project, don’t hesitate to contact David Grbac, CFO and a member of the project team, telephone number +385 99 311 78 28.