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1. Fracasso – Ri d.o.o project financed by EU!

Company Fracasso – Ri d.o.o. contracted the award of non-refundable grant by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts for the project: Introduction of the necessary information and communication technology in order to achieve a higher level of business optimization within the Fracasso – Ri d.o.o. company.

The total amount of the project was HRK 1,812,843.75, the amount of HRK 1,380,775.00 refers to generally eligible costs, part of which is from the company’s private funds (HRK 497,079.00), and part is co-financed from the EU fund in in the form of a grant and amounts to HRK 883,696.00. The project is being implemented from February 2020 to September 2022.

The aim of the project is to invest in the introduction of customised integrated interdisciplinary software solutions based on CRM, ERP and CAM solutions into the company’s business processes. The software in question will enable the company to perform the entire process from contracting to production more efficiently and productively. The project is based on the goals of OPKK 2014-2020 and all other relevant strategies. Increasing the level of digitalization will enhance the company’s competitiveness due to the increase of the pace of work in business processes as well as improve the quality of the products and their supervision throughout the manufacturing process, which the company has not been able to achieve at the desired level so far.

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For more information about the project, don’t hesitate to contact David Grbac, CFO and a member of the project team, telephone number +385 99 311 78 28.